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Late-night Monologue style Jokes

Occasionally, I get sad that I am not still writing monologue style jokes for  a late night show. I will be the first to admit, they were the least impressive part of my writing when I was the head writer for host, Michael Essany. As the head writer, I think I was better at identifying what jokes were the funniest from our writers to go on each night. But, from time to time, I get on a role and still send them to my friend, who I am adamant should still be on TV. With that in mind, I would like to share a few I wrote this week as I was feeling lucky. I hope you enjoy! 🙂

How about all of this hype around the 50 shades of grey movie, I decided to look up a review to see what they thought and get a description of the film. It seemed pretty disturbing, until I realized I was reading about another accusation against Bill Cosby.

Speaking of beloved icons, it has come out in the past few weeks that Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner is indeed going through the gender reassignment process. Everyone seems to be at peace with this decision, including controversial rapper step son-in-law Kanye West. It doesn’t matter if Jenner is male or female so long as everyone knows that if that was a surgery Beyoncé was up for, West would storm the operating room in protest.

A lot is changing in the news world too. Was talking to Brian Williams the other day, terrible situation there, right? He told me he has been suspended for 6 months from NBC. And what horrible timing too as it comes on the heels of him escaping that Isis camp.

Also sad news of someone leaving their post as an anchor type position is Jon Stewart. Yeah. Now Fox News and MSNBC will have to do their own fact checking.

Anyways, it will be a big movie weekend with 50 shades of grey premiering last night. It’s a movie about someone getting screwed hard and rough and coming back for more. What’s the big deal? That’s a pretty common occurrence, it called election year.

Thank you for reading and I hope you weren’t too disappointed. 😛 I will, from time to time, post this type of material, along with comedy skits, so I hope you will check back.